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Founded in 2015, Weymok, Les Constructions Atikamekw and Tapiskwan Foresterie are partnerships with members of the Atikamekw communities of Manawan, Obedjiwan and Wemontaci respectively.

These companies promote resources (human, material and financial) within the  communities through the development of specialized and large-scale projects where First Nation labour is prioritized.

In addition, Les Constructions Atikamekw is particularly proud to collaborate with the Manawan Band Council as part of a consortium, which was created in a collaboration and partnership spirit, to rally Manawan entrepreneurs.


We manage turnkey projects with a unique effective approach, in harmony with sustainable development and natural resources. We contributes to skills development in remote areas, while maximizing local spin-offs.

Environment expertise environnement


Environmental assessments, monitoring, field surveys, environment inventory, conservation and compensation plans, bathymetry.

Forestry expertise foresterie


Clearing, photo-interpretation, geomorphology, mapping/inventory, assessments and
expertise, forest planning, forest roads.

Civil works expertise travaux civils

Civil works

Road and pipes, dikes, weirs and dams, earthworks, paving, water and sewer systems, fused pipes, pumping station, culverts demolition/replacement and installation, worksite surveillance.

Roads expertise routes


Road conception and planning, path localization and optimization, engineering structures, paving and resurfacing.

Expertise construction


Commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-dwelling units.

Expertise mines


Excavation, drilling and blasting, drainage, tailings facilities, dikes and
dams, scouring, earthworks, waste water treatment basins, geomembrane installation, road construction.

Expertise infrastructures


Electric substations, power lines, railways (surveying, route, water course crossing), drone inspection, pipelines.

Municipal works expertise travaux municipaux

Municipal works

Urban forestry, building construction, civil works, environment, roads, infrastructures, geomatics and surveying

Geomatics expertise géomatique

Geomatics and surveying

Technical surveys, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, drone surveys, inspection of infrastructures, digital mapping.


Weymok, Les Constructions Atikamekw and Tapiskwan Foresterie have participated in many projects on the Atikamekw territory over the last few years. Amongst others, to the clearing of the Chamouchouane/Bout-de-l’Île ROW power line for Hydro-Québec and to the dismantling and managing works for the Parent power station. Our Environment Division also realized a few strategic support projects in mining environment.

Les Constructions Atikamekw carried out the management of several important construction work sites and civil works projects, such as excavation works on the Obedjiwan Road and the regraveling of the Manawan road for the MTQ. Furthermore, the renovation of the Carrefour Atikamekw in La Tuque and the land management project of the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice site was accomplished with the participation of local Atikamekw workers.

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